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Apple Cider Pressing

Apples  Apple Bin
Bins of apples in our refrigerator waiting to be pressed into fresh apple cider.

Apple Lift  Apple Wash
Dumping the apples onto the grading table where we look for "bad apples" and then into the apple washer.

Apple Auger Bottom  Apple Auger
Up the auger and into the apple grinder. 

Apple Grinder  Apple Mash
This is what the apples look like after we put them through the grinder to make them into an apple mash.

Apple Pulp Bin  Apple Pulp
This is the remaining apple pulp that is left after we press the juice from the apples. It can be tilled into the garden or even fed to farm animals.

 St. Norbert Farmers Market
This is our booth at the St. Norbert Farmers' Market where we sell fresh apple cider, apple syrup, apple jelly and apple slushies!

  Vegetable Farming

Community Supported Agriculture Basket
A typical harvest during the summer when we used to grow a large selection of vegetables for the market.

Squash planted into biodegradable mulch
Summer and winter squash planted into black biodegradable mulch.
Warms up the soil and helps us with weed prevention.

Young onion plants growing on raised beds.

Field Transplants
Field transplants waiting to be planted outside.

Growing Transplants
Young okra transplants.

Greenhouse Peppers
Hungarian hot peppers growing in our hoop house.

Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh cherry tomatoes just picked for the farmers' market.

Young potato plants growing nicely in our early patch.

Potato Harvesting
Harvesting potatoes

Our greenhouse. A nice place when its cold outside.

Fresh Salad
Mmmm! A fresh salad all from our gardens.

Sam is our beloved watch dog who just showed up one day. He loves to hunt but never seems to actually catch anything.